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CHILDREN'S SMILES Foundation is an accredited organization for mediation for international adoptions for the following countries: GERMANY, GREECE, CANADA, CYPRUS, the USA and FRANCE.

Apart from the international adoptions, the efforts of our Foundation are focused on supporting children without parents, state-owned social homes for such children, encouraging the creativity of such children and creating favorable opportunities for their development as well as supporting the people, who wish to become parents.

Qualified lawyers, psychologists, pedagogues and physicians work for the Foundation.

The Republic of Bulgaria is member of the Convention of The Hague of 1993 for cooperation in the field of the international adoption. The Ministry of Justice is the Central Authorities for international adoptions controlling the entire adoption procedure. This procedure has two stages: administrative and legal. All documents of the prospective Adoptive Parents are submitted to the Ministry of Justice either directly or though an accredited organization. The Ministry of Justice enters the prospective Adoptive Parents in the respective register and specifies them to be suitable to adopt a specific child entered in the register.

We expect this information will be of some help to people, who are interested in adopting a Bulgarian child.



Children Smiles


Children Smiles

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