CHILDREN'S SMILES Foundation is an accredited organization for mediation for international adoptions for the following countries: GERMANY, GREECE, CANADA, CYPRUS, the USA and FRANCE.

Apart from the international adoptions, the efforts of our Foundation are focused on supporting children without parents, state-owned social homes for such children, encouraging the creativity of such children and creating favorable opportunities for their development as well as supporting the people, who wish to become parents.

Qualified lawyers, psychologists, pedagogues and physicians work for the Foundation...

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The Foundation works for reaching the following purposes:

1. To help and support the competent state authorities and social organizations to carry out their activities aimed at creating optimal favorable environment for bringing up children in unequal social position and protection of such children's rights and interests.

2. To organize and co-ordinate the resources and efforts of Bulgarian and foreign organization, companies and citizens aimed at providing material and moral support to orphans living in specialized state-owned institutions.


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We are ready to give an answer to all the questions of those who wish to adopt a child from Bulgaria. Here you can obtain immediate and topical information about the existing practice in Bulgaria in the field of international adoptions, you will find out more about Bulgaria and its people.

The foundation's specialists are ready to provide assistance for the completion of your humane project.


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